GO FISH (1994) DIR. ROSE TROCHE (2019)

This article by Nicola McCafferty provides a perspective on the “lesbian classic” film, Go Fish (1994), that mirrors the perspective of young queer adults of today. The article explains that unlike today, when the film came out in 1994, it was one of very few “lesbian films” made by and for women who love women.

I also agree with the author’s analysis that the film reads partially like a light rom-com and partially like a video essay that interrogates the “lesbian experience,” what makes one a lesbian, and the constraining nature of gender roles, which still make their way into woman-woman relationships.

Some might find the “artsy” aesthetic a little tiresome, but I, like the author, do find something endearing, interesting, and genuinely very authentic about these essay-like vignettes, which give the film a documentary flavor.