Vi Hart: Roadmap to Pandemic Resiliency

Vi Hart has become a well-known YouTube personality with over 1.4 million subscribers and millions of views on their popular videos about “doodling in math class.” In fact, I recall watching several of their videos with my high school geometry class not so long ago and was excited to find out that they identify as a member of the nonbinary community.

Not only are their YouTube videos quirky, impressive, and interesting enough to inspire creative inquiries into the beauty of mathematics even in the most number-phobic among us, but they’ve also recently become vocal about the necessity of contact tracing and helped develop a Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience focused on ending the COVID-19 pandemic with Harvard University. Indeed, Vi Hart is an incredibly talented mathematician with a large body of published work on topics such as mathematics in music, virtual reality, and nature. Plus, they have a video about the mathematics of monkey bread:

“Vi Hart is a mathemusician and philosopher known primarily for work in mathematics, musical structure, and social justice. Vi has publications in computational geometry, symmetry, mathematics and music, mathematical art, and math education, and is the principal investigator of eleVR, a research group focused on understanding how virtual and augmented reality technology can impact how humans think, see, and feel.

Vi is the creator of math-related videos that have together gathered over 100 million views, including the “Doodling in Math Class” series, “Hexaflexagons”, and “Twelve Tones”. Vi is also known as co-creator of “Parable of the Polygons, an explorable explanation of systemic bias that has been played over 5 million times.”  
– Vi Hart FAQ page