This website highlights serious and innovative thinking about a wide range of philosophical and “thinkerly” topics. It features mainly women and nonbinary authors and people working to make the world a better place through true acts of inclusion. This website contains original content created by young people; a trove of resources related to truth, meaning, and identity; and a page with questions about Philosophy for Girls (OUP 2020). It is intended for individual users, creative educators, and all interested in a full range of good thinking about important ideas.

This website seeks to ADVOCATE for an inclusive approach to intellectual life, AMPLIFY the voices of women and nonbinary thinkers and artists, and ADORE a wide range of thought-provoking ideas.

As this site grows, it will become a crowd-sourced and curated hub of art, literature, history, science, and socially aware submissions. See the THINGS WE ADORE page if you’d like to submit content for this site!

This page was created through the generous support of a summer grant from Marquette University’s Institute for Women’s Leadership in Summer 2021, which allowed a core team of six people to get it up and running. We are grateful to IWL for seeing the need to expand intellectual horizons for all and insisting that all voices, especially those of marginalized genders, have a right to be heard when it comes to thinking about serious matters.