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Eva Kittay – “Dependence”

“If we manage dependence, we acknowledge its presence in our lives, select and optimize the opportunities that such acknowledgment makes possible, and can better detect and protect against the fault lines that are part and parcel of our condition as dependent beings.

In its name we can demand a reordering of priorities and an assertion of entitlements that are our due, not because we can be independent and productive, but because our value derives from the chain of dependent relations that make all our lives possible. Bringing this understanding into the lifeblood of society can be a precious contribution from the community of disabled people.”

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Central Questions: representing ‘truth’ on film

It is a common misconception that documentary got its start as an art form both ‘above’ and fundamentally ‘apart from’ fiction film. In fact, documentary is—and always has been—a film genre, one that was intimately wrapped up in the politics, frivolities, and consumer-driven market of ‘the movies.’

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