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Carole laFavor’s Evil Dead Center

This is a review of Carole laFavor’s book, Evil Dead Center. laFavor was an Ojibwe two-spirit nurse, writer, and activist who led the struggle for indigenous people, especially women, suffering with AIDs to be recognized and given proper care. This 1997 novel was the second book in her Red Earth Series of mystery novels, which would never be completed due to her death from HIV/AIDs complications in 2011. The books were nearly lost to obscurity but received a second life when republished by the University of Minnesota Press in 2017, bringing to light her well-crafted stories for any fan of genre fiction.

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Lucianne Walkowicz

In the arena of astronomy, Lucianne Walkowicz is a nonbinary astronomer with the Adler Planetarium in Chicago who studies ethical concerns surrounding space exploration, like the topic of their recent Ted Talk, which concerns the need to shift focus away from Mars exploration as a “backup planet” for Earth. Likewise, they study the factors that come together to make planets suitable for life and star-related phenomena.

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