Lecturer of Philosophy Chris Rawls started this podcast as a supplement to online learning for her students when the Covid-19 pandemic began affecting the United States. 

The inspiration to use this platform came partially from Rawls’ background as an outpatient clinical counselor. Her vision for the podcast was to keep students engaged by offering comfort and entertainment alongside academic enrichment. 

 Episodes like “Courage in the Face of Absurdity,” “Love thy Neighbor,” and “Stayin’ Alive While Putting Kant & a New Metaphysics in Motion,” are sources of human connection as much as they are academic experiences. 

“I remembered my voice helps people, so the recording could be a sound that could be soothing. I also knew I had a good rapport with my students, so they might respond to what I say, which is why I wanted to be funny and responsible, but realistic, which they have appreciated.”